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ROC Physical Therapy | Ergonomics | Injury Prevention | Sacramento CA

ROC Physical Therapy | Ergonomics | Injury Prevention | Sacramento CA

We are a privately-owned company, which specializes in onsite injury prevention ergonomics and clinical orthopedic physical therapy.

We serve various size private employers, insurance companies, and governmental agencies in the Sacramento Valley area locally as well as the state regionally.

We are dedicated to carrying out our services in an efficient, effective, and professional manner to help minimize, reduce, and avoid the incidence of work-related injuries particularly from cumulative trauma.

ROC ergonomic consultants are effective based on years of training, knowledge, and experience. We have extensive professional experience and firsthand knowledge of the injury process, injury recovery, and injury prevention, we are committed and loyal to our clients integrating into their structure to provide an effective team approach to injury prevention and mitigation. We are committed to treating our clients like we would like to be treated: Professionally, Effectively, and Compassionately.

ROC is a certified small business with the Department of General Services for the state of California. #0037991

Our definition of successful intervention:

  • Employee understands how to use the body and/or ergo equipment properly.
  • They are empowered to take personal responsibility.
  • They are motivated toward injury prevention.
  • They realize we are "for them"
  • Symptoms progressively resolve or are prevented.
  • Cost effective

Client Concerns

The problem for many: employers / agencies are made responsible (or accountable) for the health of their employee who they cannot "control". Being responsible for anything you cannot control is frustrating to say the least.

The problem for some: The employer's workforce is generally motivated toward injury prevention, but it is not taking hold. This is an information – training issue. Ergonomics is not just information just as rehabilitation / athletic training are not just exercises.

Other things we realize:

  • About being onsite at your facility: We know others can hear us and we are affecting the surrounding employees.
  • About ergonomic equipment: It is often ineffective when the employee does not understand the purpose use of the equipment. We are versed in up to date, but more importantly, effective office ergonomic equipment. We can effectively consult on equipment for its effect on an employee as well as a workforce. For instance, we tend not to recommend Gymnastic Balls in the office workplace. Why you ask since PT's (including us) use them frequently in our rehabilitation. They can pop! Employees fall off them. There is nothing like knowing someone is responsibly trying to prevent back injury then hearing they fell and injured their head.
  • About Workers' Compensation: It can be  an adversarial climate. Each participant is representing (and fighting for) what they think is right (or best) for them often out of balance and in conflict with other participants. We believe that we can navigate this environment effectively.
  • About an aging workforce: We understand the process of aging and how it affects your employee's risk for cumulative trauma injury like no other professional in ergonomics.
  • About training: Durable ergonomics must include proper training especially with pre-symptomatic, symptomatic, and injured employees.

Who We Are

We realized we can prevent injury (work related, cumulative trauma) much more effectively when we are with the employee in their work environment. We no longer wanted to say to our orthopedic PT patients, "I wish I could have got ahold of you 2 years ago; I would have told you to do/not do XYZ."

We work frequently with the following allied professionals and understand your concerns and needs: employers, gov agencies, RTWC, HR specialists, H & S specialists, PTP / physicians, and insurance adjusters. We are also very experienced in training individuals both with information as well as responsibility in their part of the ergonomic equation.

We understand injury causation, injury rehabilitation, and importantly injury prevention.

We are effective trainers:

  • All ROC ergo consultants are experienced with dealing with all types of people including injured upset people due to our experienced medical background.
  • We all believe that a key factor in ergonomic success comes from the employee understanding and operating themselves correctly.
  • If an employee is struggling (for whatever reason) to understand, we will instruct them in the necessary issues but focus (and document) the key issues that are pivotal. That is why we like to use handouts so that we can customize and allowing the employee to focus on the training not having to remember everything.

ROC consultants love to see people get well that is why we are in the physical therapy profession... but there is one thing greater than that, it is preventing injury in someone, knowing what you have spared them from, not to mention saving those responsible for cost management - money, conflict, and time.

What we are not good at: Dealing with issues without concern for the people involved. We are much more "team" oriented and know how to support and work with our employer-client. Oh yeah. We do make mistakes occasionally, but we will always take responsibility for them, letting you know, and making them right... This is how we would like to be treated.

We have appropriate and good interpersonal skills.

Read our Common Ergonomic Tips to get started on preventing workplace injuries.

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