Industrial Ergonomics

Worker welding

We provide professional and experienced medically based ergonomic solutions to our services and importantly to our training and control solutions. Because we understand the needs of our employers, we know the importance of reinforcing your workplace principles and policies including those that pertain to the Workers' Compensation (WC) environment.

Our training approach heavily emphasizes the employee’s role and responsibility in operating his or her body, utilizing the equipment properly, and utilizing safe practices. We are experts at biomechanics, physical function, the injury process, and injury prevention. We give employees experienced understanding of how to manage themselves and even progress their physical health in industrial environments. Industrial environments are full of a wide variety of risk factors, and employees, just like athletes, need to be aware of all the principles of athletic training and injury prevention to perform well in an industrial environment especially for aging adults.

ROC industrial services are highly customized to our client’s specific injury prevention and ergonomic needs. We function best as a consulting member of your Safety/HR/Wellness Team.

Our services include:

Worker welding
  1. Onsite injury prevention clinic
  2. Return to work / mod duty evaluation
  3. Physical abilities testing / post offer employment testing
  4. Individual Wellness Assessment
  5. Work conditioning / Custom exercise program development.
  6. Pre-shift stretching programs
  7. Risk factor mitigation
  8. Cumulative trauma education and training
  9. Lifting training
  10. Ergonomic team participation
  11. Safety training support
  12. Ergonomic assessment tools
  13. Ergonomic Evaluation
  14. Industrial Athlete Group Training
  15. Assist your Safety Team with program development
  16. Onsite Physical Therapy

Read our Common Ergonomic Tips to get started on preventing workplace injuries.

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